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Quick Facts

Barclays engaged Lockyer to understand the key pain points faced by SME customers and design value propositions to solve for these

4 weeks
Proposition Design & Development
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Our Brief

We were engaged by Barclays to understand the pain points experienced by SMEs in establishing, operating and growing their businesses. The objective was to design multiple value propositions and validate these with SMEs in order to inform a strategic investment decision by Barclays.

What We Did

  • Conducted market research focused on SME businesses
  • Interviewed 25 SMEs across UK to understand and prioritise pains, gains and jobs to be done
  • Designed rapid prototypes and conducted user testing to gather feedback
  • Conducted workshops with SMEs to gather feedback on prototypes
  • Iterated prototype
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The Outcome

  • Identified 250+ unique pain points experienced by SMEs
  • Prioritised SME pain points:

    • Managing cash flow
    • Reaching the right customers and achieving product/market fit
    • Identifying, recruiting and retaining talent
  • Developed one prototype for each prioritised pain point
  • Defined business model and go to market strategy for Barclays in SME segment

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